What Are Some of the Reasons Men Use to Put Off a Visit to the Doctor and Why Are They Bad News?


If you are a man, you are expected to have a "stiff upper lip," as the Brits like to say. So, it's not surprising that Australian men put off a visit to a GP as long as possible. What are some of the reasons that they typically use and why are they never a good idea? "I'm All Right" Perhaps it is due to the proliferation of "self-help" Internet sites, but men like to self-diagnose their health.

2 October 2017

Four Day Surgeries Available in a Primary Care Setting


While many people associate surgery with hospital settings, there are some procedures you can undergo at your local primary care centre. Most take place using a local anaesthetic and don't require a stay in a hospital. As such, they're not disruptive and have a fast recovery period. Carpel tunnel release procedures With 2.7% of the population suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, this is a common condition that affects many Australians. Some patient benefit from conservative management, which means waiting six months to see if non-surgical measures work.

11 September 2017

Getting Help for a Painful Boil


Boils can be extremely painful. If over-the-counter treatments are healing the boil, then it can be useful to visit your primary care physician for some extra treatment. Here are some ways that doctors can help to treat your boil. Lancing the boil Boils are formed when a combination of dirt, oil, and/or bacteria create a plug at the surface of the skin stopping the normal drainage of oils. This leads to a build of oil, blood and infected material under the skin, which can be tender and uncomfortable.

14 October 2016